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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 27, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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country? >> crikey. that would be just ripper. absolutely. craig: wait. what did she say? geoff: she said that would be awesome. craig: oh. thank you very much indeed. well -- >> your accent is very good too. i meant to say that. your accent is really good. really good. craig: i didn't understand that. what did she say? geoff: she said your accent is really good. >> when you go to australia, the women are sheilas and they are the blokes. you say you're a ripper sheila, mate. craig: this is getting a little more complicated. i'll do me december dinghy dinghy. i'll do me december dinghy dinghy. -- best dinghy dinghy.,,,,,,,,
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new details about a nanny, you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. it just makes you rethink everything. >> new details about a nanny accused of murdering two children in her care.
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the connections of the family to the bay area. >> the family used to live in san francisco. in fact, the dad was flying home from sfo when police say the nanny stabbed his two kids in the bathtub. cbs 5 reporter sharon chin went to their old bay area neighborhood. >> what happened? >> it's terrible. >> reporter: lauren lived next door to the krim family before they moved to new york two years ago. she can't believe two of the three children are gone. >> they were always like in the backyard, or playing around, so i -- i just can't even imagine. >> reporter: marina krim discovered six-year-old lulu and two-year-old leo stabbed to death in the family's bathtub thursday night. the nanny, yoselyn ortega, next to them. she was wheeled away in a stretcher. police say she tried to slit her own wrists and neck. >> terrifying. >> reporter: police escorted marina krim and her remaining
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three-year-old daughter away in a sheet. krim's husband, kevin krim, a digital media executive, was just returning from a business trip in san francisco. nannies and mothers we talked to say ortega committed the ultimate betrayal. >> i really feel like part of the family. the things that you could -- to think you could do that, not only to a child but a child you've been entrusted with is awful. >> you hear something like this and it just makes you rethink everything. >> reporter: detectives say so far they have no motive for the killing. they're looking into whether ortega got psychiatric help. yoselyn ortega, originally from the dominican republic, had worked for the krims two years. >> it's your nanny, someone that you have a relationship with. it's just -- it's very scary. >> reporter: carrie places hundreds of nannies with parents a year. she runs bay area business town and country resources. she advises parents to do
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background checks before hiring a nanny and afterward, continue to monitor her through asking questions of people who know her. >> has she complained about the position? have you ever gotten the sense she's not happy in the position? >> reporter: detectives are trying to figure out a motive. detectives have not questioned the nanny, because she's still in a medically induced motive. >> detectives are calling two teenagers evil and their crime despicable. they're accused of murdering a woman. one of the teens is a distant relative of the victim's longtime boyfriend. deputies believe the suspects offered to do yard work and then came up behind the victim and choked her until she passed out. >> ms. latiolais started making noises. she was not dead at that point and the two of them took a rope
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and together they strangled her to death. this is what nightmares are made of, of what these two -- i'll use the term loosely -- people did. >> after the murder, the teens went to lunch but then came back to set the body on fire to cover up their tracks. the teens were going after guns, jewelry and anything else they could sell for cash. just a couple of hours ago, cbs 5 meteorologist paul deanno gave everyone in our newsroom a heads-up. the forecast for hurricane sandy has changed. but not for the better. this is the scene today in florida. paul give us a look at what's turning into a monster storm. >> look at the size of this thing, stretching from central florida all the way up to north carolina. but it's also becoming a monster because of where it's heading, new york city, philadelphia, washington, d.c., in the path of hurricane sandy. here's video to show you.
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crews worked on street poles that loosened after all the swaying for a couple days of heavy winds and strong rains. the beach was actually closed off for swimming. that's because crashing waves swept much of the sand right into the ocean. >> we've lost maybe 20, 30 feet of beach in the last couple of days. >> it's as dangerous as the ocean gets. >> and double red flags mean stay off the beech. in new york city bulldozers spent the day building up sand dunes. why all the fear? because of what sandy did in the bahamas, killed more than two dozen people across the caribbean. most by falling trees or collapsed buildings. the islands are also recovering from power outages. here's what sandy looked like from space. this picture taken from the international space station. back to my weather maps. let me show you where sandy is forecast to go. up the eastern seaboard. watch the forecast cone move
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right into new jersey, delaware, pennsylvania, new york city, making landfall as a hurricane in the very heavily populated area. as for what we can expect, up to a foot of rainfall, widespread power outages and also widespread beach erosion. our forecast back here in the bay area, looking much quieter. that's a good thing. coming up in just a few minutes. by the way, that hurricane being felt on the campaign trail. governor romney and joe biden each cancelling weekend events in virginia beach. and there's speculation that it could affect turnout specifically in virginia and north carolina if there's a lot of storm damage. governor jerry brown's latest push to get prop 30 passed is drawing attention but not the kind he attended. he spoke at an naacp convention in san mateo. >> these shadowy figures, they say they're from arizona. but i don't know where these people are from, because
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they're hiding. they're wearing masks, because they don't want people to see who the hell they are. well, the city council is going to court to unmask these people. >> now, brown later said he didn't necessarily mean to refer to the kkk. he just wants to expose the arizona organization that donated $11 million to defeat his tax initiative. the latest poll says prop 30 is falling short of the 50% needed to pass. people facing forecast don't often talk about it, but now you can find out if your neighbors are in danger of losing their house. linda yee shows us that information is only a click away. >> let's see what we can find here. >> reporter: real estate agent knight is showing a buyer an oakland home now in foreclosure. but buyers can now find out about these distressed deals
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even before the bank takes the home. the site's new feature gives detailed information. for example, this concord homeowner has been served a notice of default but the home is not yet on the market. >> to have that put in a public place for everyone to see, it's so humiliating and so embarrassing. >> reporter: the site doesn't give out owner names but there are pictures of the homes and the address. >> this is like anybody, your neighbor can see that. your personal financial situation, all over the papers. oh, i cringe. >> reporter: the blue homes indicate the ones a bargain hunter can pounce on, offer the owner a deal before the bank takes it. home buyer beth hood isn't sold on that idea. >> it almost seems predatory in a way. >> reporter: but the site says they're doing a free service for a housing market with low inventory, which drives prices up. says all the information on homes about to
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be foreclosured is a matter of public record. all they're trying to do is make that information accessible to the average buyer. knight argues that zillow is doing a disservice. the site that tells how much homes are worth is now blabbing that your neighbor can't afford it and could soon lose it. this could result in surface-disturbing activities on your land. >> california's new gold rush. but there's a catch. the letters going out to homeowners telling them they don't open what they think they do. you see warning signs everywhere. why you're about to see one on your couch. plus, why it's a bad idea to mix tea and milk. but the best rest event ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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after liquid gold. prospectors want to tap int4 billion barrel there's a new gold rush in california. only this time, they're after liquid gold. prospectors want to tap into 14 billion barrels of unexplored oil reserves. it lies deep under a stretch of land called the monterey shale. it starts at the southern end of the bay area and runs almost down to l.a. and our cbs 55 allen martin explains homeowners are finding out they don't own what they think they do. >> reporter: it's jay's favorite pass time. quail hunting. that's why he bought 1400 acres of land.
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>> they're a surface owner. >> reporter: but a letter has him worried. >> it's our understanding that you are the surface owner of all or a portion of the land, including a parcel on our oil and gas lease. >> reporter: it's the federal bureau of land management, telling him his private land is about to be leased off to an oil company. he never dreamed it could go up right next to his house. >> if there is oil in, say, the next section over and they need to drill for it, so be it. i just wish they wouldn't do it or even attempt to do it around my house. >> reporter: it's actually a common situation. you may own the surface rights to your property but you may not own what's underneath, the mineral rights. many of those belong to uncle some. >> we are required to put those up for lease periodically. >> reporter: the blm's rick cooper says his agent has a mandate to auction off mineral rights whenever there's an
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interest. and right now there's a lot. the auction is coming up in december. and 82% of those 17,000 acres of mineral rights are on private land. >> we asked the lessee if they would contact a private landowner and begin to have hopefully a cooperative relationship with the landowner. jovment jacobson says he's already talked to the blm and got some assurances. >> as a homeowner, you do have rights. they can't just come in and destroy the place. >> reporter: but environmentalists say that's exactly what could happen, because drilling for oil in the area around jacobson's ranch would require a technique called hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. it works by injecting water laced with chemicals and has caused groundwater contamination in other parts of the country. but the blm says in
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california... >> 30% of the wells in california that are drilled have hydraulic fracturing, and at this point, i'm not aware of any issues associated with hydraulic fracturing. >> they have not disclosed the dangers to the environments and to the public of this activity, before putting these lands up for sale. >> reporter: she filed a 60-day intent to sue to stop the auction. >> these beautiful areas that people use for getting out in nature are at great risk of being transformed overnight from the shale oil rush. >> reporter: jacobson says he's not too worried about the fracking. >> they know they'll get sued if they screw up somebody's well water. >> reporter: but just in case, he has a backup plan. when the auction comes up, he says he might just bid on his own mineral rights and buy them back. so if there is contamination
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and you don't own your mineral rights, who is responsible? well, it all depends on the contract that you write up with the oil company. you're not going to get royalties. that's a given. but you still have to make sure you're not stuck with the cleanup, bottom line. >> this fracking is going on all over the country. >> it is. really big back east. it's spreading everywhere, because that's where the oil is. >> thank you. well, it's not the kind of news that apple is used to hearing. for the first time in three months, its stock dropped below $600 a share. shares fell as low as $591 today but recovered slightly to close at 604. apple isn't having any problem selling the new ipad mini. the white version sold out in 20 minutes today, preorders started at midnight. shipping has now been pushed back another two weeks.
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where are you sitting right now? in two days your couch will come with a warning label. julie watts find out what exactly is in your sofa is still a mystery. >> reporter: we're used to seeing them on cigarettes and alcohol and even lead paint. but prop 55 warning labels are coming to a furniture store near you. >> do you have any idea what chemicals are in this chair? >> no, and neither do the ones who sell it to me. >> reporter: the state of california has added one chemical flame retardant to its list of cancer-causing chemicals but no one seems to know which chemicals are in which sofas. so they're all getting a warning label. if your couch was purchased in california, it likely contains pounds of chemical retardants. scientist donald lucas explains
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that's the 40-year-old requirement of tb117 but it only applies to the foam inside the furniture, which is why manufacturers douse it with chemicals. he demonstrates, in an actual fire, it's the fabric that catches first, and once it's ignited, he says the chemicals have little effect except to produce toxic smoke. because the flame retardants migrate and settle in dust, studies have found high levels of the toxic chemicals in toddlers, breast milk. state senator mark leno is relieved a revised flammability standard is finally in the works. tom says he's also relieved. >> if my customers are concerned, i'm concerned. >> reporter: the revision to california's flammability standard is expected by next summer. it would increase fire safety without the chemical flame retardants. in the meantime, the old standard still applies, which
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means most couches in california will continue to come with chemically treated foam and a warning. >> here's something you might not have known. drinking tea comes with healthy benefits but that's only if you drink it pure. a study in the heart journal says adding extras like milk or sugar in your tea can make the benefits literally evaporate. when combining the antioxidants in the tea with the protein in the milk, it neutralizes anything good. we broke the news to the owner of a tea shop in the bay area. she says he's not surprised. >> we've been knowing this for a long time already, not to put sugar and milk into your tea. >> next the water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. it can even help your heart. coming up in weather, find out if you're going to want a hot coffee or an iced coffee. here's a live look at the moon.
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important event. "i love, love moad"
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dana w well, you might notice dana is not here with us tonight, because she is at a very important event. >> i love, love moad. yeah. >> yeah. dana was at the ceremony for the seventh annual gala in san francisco. that gala held at the palace hotel. the proceeds will support moad's exhibitions. time for weather. let's start this nice toasty weekend at the slopes. why not? ski season began at boreal today. they are already skiing, thanks to three feet of fresh snow that fell earlier this week. now, it's not the snow. it is the sunshine in your forecast for the next several days. let's take a look at what we have outside. five, a pretty popular number. 57 degrees.
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radar clear. will stay clear all the way through the weekend. overnight lows tonight into the 40's for santa rosa, napa and fairfield, not as cold as this morning. napa, you dropped down to 41. oakland, 54 degrees tomorrow. high pressure, sinking air, gives us sunshine, but in a perfect location. it's just off to our north and west. wind always flow clockwise around high pressure. it is perfect for late october to give us weather normal than normal with plenty of sunshine. not going to last beyond monday. the timing of the rainfall, not so great for your kids, because they're going to want to go out and go trick-or-treating on wednesday and that's exactly when the rain is forecast to begin. between now and then, we've got a great weekend. mainly sunny, mild and rain- free through tuesday. san jose in the mid 70's.
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palo alto, beautiful. 74. walnut creek, 78. concord, 76. and pleasanton, 78. mid 70's from sonoma. low 70's for kentfield. and sausalito, 68 on saturday. monday we're mainly sunny. cloudier, cooler on tuesday. and showers do arrive for halloween and they'll last into the first day of november. time for sports. i'm going to tell you what happens when you ride a bull named who dat. and even the cold air can't cool off the panda. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente.
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says hector sanchez will liy fill that role for the with game 3 in detroit, the designated hitter will be in hector. bruce bochy says hector sanchez will likely fill that role for the giants. temperatures are expected to be in the 40's at first pitch tomorrow night but it doesn't look like it affected pablo sandoval during today's batting practice. it's only going to get colder as the night goes on. manager jim leyland thinks a little home dugout advantage will help the tigers. >> we've got heaters in the dugout for both teams obviously. ours is going to be a little warmer than theirs, but that's all right. we won't tell them that. >> if i'm thinking about how cold it is, it means i'm not thinking about what's going on on the mound. >> the beer is cold. everything is cold. it's great. last night, when doug fister got hit in the head by a
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grego blanco comeback, remarkably, he stayed in the game, giving up just one run in six innings. >> i talked to him on the plane and i had a nice conversation with him. i'm a little worried about it, because this morning he didn't remember our conversation. no. i'm just kidding. he's gonna be checked out today. the nhl season took a big hit today. the nhl announced they have cancelled all games in november as the owners and players are still at odds about revenue sharing in the league. they will lose an estimated $720 million. it is time for your friday night top five. bull riding on a bull named who dat. tiger woods, playing in the cimb classic, where the purse is over $6 million. tiger shot a 67 and is 9-under.
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and no. 3, hornets and heat, robin lopez with the rebound. lebron james got the brunt of that. the nba season kicks off. the sharks. he's playing in russia. his team wins 2-1. >> in 1989, the giants were in the world series versus the oakland a's. >> hang on. hang on. >> a reporter from sacramento, paul ryans, gets the rude awakening from one of our san francisco seagulls. francisco seagulls. he's always wanted to go viral ,
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yeah. game time tomorrow is 5:07 our time. >> and bogey... >> what is the weather going to be like? >> 43 degrees, first pitch. >> breezy 43. likely in the 30's by about the fifth inning. but who cares if we win? who cares? >> david letterman is
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through sunday, get sleep train's very best mattresses at the guaranteed lowest price. plus, pay no interest for 3 years on the best brand-name mattress sets. but the best rest event ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪


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